Ooooh® is a daily project that began in 2023. Initially, it started as a means of self-healing through illustration, capturing life's moments. However, in the process of healing myself, I discovered it had a healing effect on others as well. Thank you to those who appreciate the Ooooh® creations. Wishing everyone a happy New Year, hoping that in 2024, all can live the life they love. I also hope to sustain myself through illustration this year and collaborate with favorite brands. Grateful to have finally picked up the brush and started the journey of illustration in 2023!
Ooooh® 是2023年開始的一個日常項目,原本只是為了療癒自己而開始透過插畫"記錄生活",但發現療癒自己的同時也療癒了別人。謝謝那些喜歡Ooooh®創作的人們,祝大家新年快樂,希望2024大家都能過上自己喜歡的生活,也希望今年能透過插畫養活自己,並和喜歡的品牌合作。感謝自己在2023終於拿起畫筆開始了插畫創作!
illustration by ooooh®
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